Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact if the system is down?

You should contact the COB Technology Center, Systems Development Group at cbasys at or simply visit the Contact Us section of the website.

How do I prevent viruses from getting on my computer?

The best way to protect your system is to ensure that you have an anti-virus program installed. FIU currently supports McAfee Antivirus. The software is available to FIU students, faculty and staff. Faculty and staff members must contact the COB Technology Center, IT User Support Group via email at: to have the software installed if it is not already on their machine. For personal computers, please visit to purchase and download McAfee Antivirus. Be cautious when downloading files from web sites or opening email attachments. As safe practice, only download files from known trusted sites or individuals. Make sure the automatic virus scanning feature in your anti-virus software is turned on, and that your program and virus definitions are up to date, as they often contain information about new viruses.

Can an E-mail Message Infect My Computer With a Virus?

Attachments associated with email messages, especially when unsolicited, frequently contain viruses. Your computer may become infected if you open (click on) an attachment that contains a virus.

How do I login to view my evaluations?

Visit and enter your username and password to view evaluations.

What credentials should I use to login cbasys?

Your credentials are same as the ones you use for

What is the deadline for FAS?

The deadline/last day to enter evaluations is May 31st.

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