The Technology Center's mission is to support users with a variety of applications and maintain a database repository, containing valuable information that will allow faculty and staff to perform their duties more efficiently, including, but not limited to the following:.

  • Provide the COB Faculty & Staff with support on various systems.

  • Responsible for the development, support, and maintenance of information systems in user operational environments.

  • Responsible for implementation of data standards and management of computer based information systems.

  • Design customized database systems and solutions,based on established strategies.Create dynamic data driven web pages and user applications.

  • Responsible for maintaining files of personal & academic data on faculty, staff and students, ensuring said data is kept under strict security.

  • Provide valuable data to our faculty, staff and students from any of the College or University data warehouse systems.

  • Support websites for various web resources. Analyze and modify program components to increase efficiency and allow for easier adaptation to new system requirements.

  • Facilitate online payments by providing and maintaining an e-commerce application.

  • Provide a solution to facilitate the scheduling and execution of course evaluations each semester.

  • Provide instruction/tutorials as needed.
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